If conspiracies do not exist then there are a very large number of folks in the prison system that should be immediately released for there are thousands whose crime was conspiring to commit some other crime. And how do those who claim our government could not be involved in anything conspiratorial explain why there is a law against conspiring to commit a crime?



    There are still folks in America today who love what this country used to be and for what it once represented. Back in the 50’s we didn’t put one finger in the air and claim to be number one, but in our minds we knew we were. School was hard and challenging; we were not coddled, school nurses and drugs to control our behavior did not exist, at least not in my corner of rural Appalachia, and discipline was swift and fair, dispensed with considerable accompanying discomfort with what my principal referred to as “the board of education being applied to the seat of learning.”


    Second Amendment

    If the First Amendment rights follow the pattern of the Second Amendment, only those who have been vetted by the state will be allowed to speak or write publicly, and then only after passing the prerequisite courses, state scrutiny, and of course, pay the required amount for the privilege.


    August Comte (1798-1857) Positivism

    When challenged on those beliefs with ideas, possibilities based on history, verifiable facts, or our Rights as endowed by our Creator, the Positivist/Progressive must resort to emotional responses since their position is devoid of intellect. We have all encountered their patented responses.

Embracing the Obvious

Embracing the Obvious - The Vicious Cycles of History

  1. The majority of people in this country get their NEWS presented as FACTS from people who do not share their moral or ethical values. The greater majority of these news and facts folks spout their politically processed pabulum to the masses through what is commonly referred to as the media.
  2. The government has controlled those who disseminate this propaganda for the better part of five decades through what is known as “Operation Mockingbird.” A CIA official once said these “news presenters” can be obtained for less money than one would spend on “a good prostitute.”
  3. Most of these media personalities are simply trained monkeys who deliver their politically provided daily bread from the printed page or the teleprompter; a skillset they share with 98% of the politicians in this country. They look like “Ken and Barbie” because most graduates of the Public Fool System in our country do not possess the mental acuity required to operate the optic nerve and the cerebral cortex at the same time.
  4. The majority of so-called experts who appear on these news programs are most commonly bureaucrats whose very existence is supported by a feeding at the public trough. Constitutional “experts” and law professors are an excellent example.
  5. The vast majority of politicians, bureaucrats and police personnel in this country are required to take an oath of office which contains first and foremost a sacred pledge to “uphold and defend” our Constitution and Bill of Rights against “all enemies foreign and domestic.” Yet, there is no examination or test required to certify their knowledge of the contents and meaning of that document such as is normally required of those who seek to operate an automobile, teach in our schools, be a plumber, electrician or hairdresser; among just a few that require some form of certification. One must have a “license” to cut hair but no skill test is required to “run our country” other than those required of any other prostitute.
  6. A large number of those who support our Second Amendment “against all enemies foreign and domestic” belong to a group called the NRA (No Rights Anymore) which collects millions of dollars each year from its supporters and members, allegedly to protect our right to keep and bear arms without infringement. Yet, just recently, this organization stated over 70% of its current members support some form of increased government enforced gun control. (read, infringement) Kind of analogous to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) supporting Hitler’s “Final Solution” don’t you think?
  7. This country has been led into war after war, most of which have led to the fiscal abyss we now face, YET, this past election cycle over 90% of incumbents were voted back into office. The obvious message sent to these people must be viewed as: you haven’t spent enough of our money yet, nor have you killed enough of our military in your wild pursuit of empire and personal bottom line financial enhancement.
  8.  A fall of 2012 Wall Street Journal poll found that 58% of Americans support initiating war with Iran. This after documented evidence released by our government admits that WWII, the Vietnam and Iraq wars were started and promoted through government deception and lies. The Public Fool System is reaping wonderful results.
  9. We also keep electing morons who waste our tax dollars on ridiculous “green” programs which only fill the pockets of their political supporters. Great examples are wind farms which do not generate electricity on any commercially competitive level. The only reason that wind farms can survive is through government subsidy, which means money is stolen from the taxpayer and funneled into the pockets of politically involved business people. And to believe I have folks who tell me Fascism does not exist in this country. I offer the following as proof to my detractors on this subject. In his 1936 book, The Coming American Fascism, economist Lawrence Dennis stated that defenders of “18th-century Americanism” (read constitutionalist and limited government supporters) were sure to become “the laughing stock of their own countrymen” and that the adoption of economic fascism would intensify “national spirit” and put it behind “the enterprises of public welfare and social control.” The big stumbling block to the development of economic fascism, Dennis complained, was “liberal norms of law or constitutional guarantees of private rights.” So, I must ask, do we have “national spirit, public welfare, social control and diminished private rights” in our country today? Of course we do; we just can’t call it what it is: economic fascism.
  10. We fail miserably to see the truth of so many inconsistencies in our government. We weep and wail, as we should, at the murder of innocent children by prescription drug-crazed individuals, but support the deaths of the unborn. With our increased intelligence and government sponsored education, murder of children is an issue of timing and method, not of morality.  Killing children before they are born or in immoral, unconstitutional wars is a government sanctioned enterprise while using their deaths at the hands of monsters in order to initiate draconian gun control is viewed as a crisis not wasted.

While the above 10 points certainly do not adequately cover the subject of how we got in this mess, I hope it constitutes at least a beginning.

In Liberty